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Domestic violence is a crime which society needs to recognize and address. We believe every person has a right to live in a domestic environment that is free from abuse. We believe in equal rights and empowerment for every individual. All persons have the right to make their own decisions and to take responsibility for their actions. Our ultimate goal is to decrease the incidence of domestic violence in society.



My Sister’s Place (MSP) recognizes that the domestic violence movement was initiated by women who were abused and remains grounded in this history. Women and children remain vulnerable to violence because of their unequal social, economic, and political status in society.

Domestic Violence is an oppressive and dangerous use of power and control, experienced in both intimate and family relationships. This pervasive problem gives rise to violence in not only our families but also our schools, communities and society. MSP asserts that batterers are responsible for their abusive behavior and that communities have an obligation to hold batterers accountable. Community safety is contingent upon a zero-tolerance standard.

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MSP believes that all persons have a right to a violence-free life. MSP is committed to advocating for those policies and practices that promote safety and self-determination for persons who are battered and/or abused. Recognizing the link between domestic violence and other forms of oppression, MSP remains committed to collectively working toward equality and justice.

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SAFETY ALERT: Computer use can be monitored, even if you delete your history. If you are in danger, please use a computer that your abuser cannot access. Call My Sister’s Place at 1-800-443-3402 or the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-SAFE.